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Year: 2018

cryptocurrency December 31, 2018

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Dr. Glen Weyl speaks with the calm of a man who has history on the mind. With an unbroken gaze and an unambiguous delivery, the author, economist and Microsoft researcher calmly espouses a clear and revolutionary vision: that the world’s hierarchies can be challenged and reconceived with the power of markets. But if his […]

cryptocurrency December 26, 2018

Arwen Smit is the founder of MintBit, a boutique blockchain consultancy, and DOVU, a tokenized startup for the mobility sector. The following is an exclusive contribution to CoinDesk’s 2018 Year in Review.  From security token offerings to the crypto winter, a lot has happened in 2018. Beyond the flashy headlines, though, larger trends are manifesting. I […]

cryptocurrency December 23, 2018

Kosala Hemachandra is the founder of MEW (MyEtherWallet), an open-source, client-side interface for generating ethereum wallets and interacting with the ethereum blockchain. The following is an exclusive contribution to CoinDesk’s 2018 Year in Review.  For the most part, Bitcoin and Ethereum have held the title of the top two cryptocurrencies with the largest market capitalization. But […]

cryptocurrency December 22, 2018

Noelle Acheson is a veteran of company analysis and member of CoinDesk’s product team. The following article originally appeared in Institutional Crypto by CoinDesk, a newsletter for the institutional market, with news and views on crypto infrastructure delivered every Tuesday. Sign up here. ————————–————————–————————–————————–————————–————————– Are ether futures just around the corner? Last week, the US Commodity Futures Trading […]

cryptocurrency December 21, 2018

A U.S. news article has been stored in its entirety onto the ethereum blockchain, in what its writer claims is a world first. Maria Bustillos, editor with the journalist-owned Popula news site, announced Monday that she had archived an article originally published in Death and Taxes magazine onto the ethereum and the IPFS protocol. As a […]

cryptocurrency December 20, 2018

Ethereum venture studio ConsenSys is spinning out or cutting off funding for a number of its portfolio startups, or “spokes” in company parlance, three sources with knowledge of the situation tell CoinDesk. According to a report published Thursday by The Verge, roughly 50 percent of ConsenSys’ 1,200-person workforce could be let go as a result […]

cryptocurrency December 20, 2018

Parity Technologies has launched Substrate, a tool that lets users create customized blockchains for decentralized applications. The firm announced Tuesday that Substrate is now available as a beta version, adding that the open-source tech was designed to be “as generic as possible” to allow flexibility when designing blockchains. The included API also lets users create […]

cryptocurrency December 19, 2018

David Nage is the founder of Roadmap, LLC and the former Managing Director of Apeiron Ventures, a private investment office. His crypto writings can be found on Medium at @david_55389.  The following is an exclusive contribution to CoinDesk’s 2018 Year in Review.  “It is a False Start if the ball has been placed ready for play, and, […]

cryptocurrency December 19, 2018

MultiChain, the enterprise blockchain framework created by Coin Sciences, has released its beta version 2.0 and added over 40 new partners, including big names like SAP and HCL Technologies.   MultiChain 2.0 is a major upgrade to the platform which first went into production back in August of 2017. The announcement of the technological improvements […]

cryptocurrency December 19, 2018

Vitalik Buterin, the creator of ethereum, has just donated $300,000 in cryptocurrency to three blockchain startups – apparently making the decision in response to a Twitter thread. The three projects receiving the 1,000 ETH grants are Prysmatic Labs, ChainSafe Systems and Sigma Prime. All are projects working to build the blockchain network’s next iteration, ethereum 2.0. […]