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cryptocurrency May 22, 2018 Crypto Rally Slows Down As I write this report, cryptocurrency prices are in the middle of a vicious tug of war between the bulls and the bears. And the bears are winning right now. Most, if not all, of our favorite cryptocurrencies trended down over the last seven days, erasing the progress they made […]

cryptocurrency April 6, 2018 Ethereum News Update Investors tend to panic when international organizations talk about cryptocurrency regulation, but is that really the nightmare scenario? What we have at the moment seems worse. With each country or state striking its own path on crypto regulation, investors are left without a clear sense of direction. “Where is the industry headed?” […]

cryptocurrency April 5, 2018 Ethereum News Update The first quarter of 2018 was historically bad for ETH prices, according to a recent CoinDesk report, but there’s a silver lining embedded in the data: namely, that ETH recovered from these types of slumps in the past. For instance, Ethereum prices lost 40% in the fourth quarter of 2016. While […]

cryptocurrency April 4, 2018 Ethereum News Update As Ethereum prices trended lower on Wednesday morning, my attention was drawn to a Bloomberg report claiming that cryptocurrency hedge funds are facing a “reckoning” in 2018. Are they really? The article says that nine hedge funds have already exited the market, while the rest are sustaining heavy losses. And according […]

cryptocurrency April 3, 2018 Ethereum News Update Have we reached a bottom? That’s the question on most people’s minds today, as cryptocurrency markets flashed green for the second consecutive trading session. Personally, I’m not convinced. ETH prices face a long winding road to their pre-crisis levels, which means it won’t be a straight rocket ride back to $1,000. […]

cryptocurrency April 2, 2018 Gromov Ethereum News Analysis Two seemingly contradictory things are happening in cryptocurrency markets: 1) Valuations are shrinking, and 2) Blockchain adoption is growing. These trends appear to be in conflict. What exactly is going on? Well, the first thing to remember is you’re not in a nightmare. Ethereum prices are truly trading below $400.00, […]

cryptocurrency March 29, 2018 Ethereum News Update As Ethereum prices shed another 10% on Thursday morning, it seems appropriate to ask big questions: Were Ethereum prices in a bubble? Is that why ETH prices are crashing? Or is there a different explanation? My initial reaction is that, no, Ethereum prices were not in a bubble. However, it’s important […]

cryptocurrency March 28, 2018 Gromov Ethereum News Update Ever since the dawn of cryptocurrencies, two things have been true: 1) Retail investors are excited about distributed ledgers/blockchain technology, and 2) Institutions are not. Now that paradigm is changing. You don’t have to go back very far to see what I’m talking about. At the end of 2017, Ethereum […]

cryptocurrency March 27, 2018 Ethereum News Update As Ethereum prices continue to fall—alongside the rest of the market, I might add—investors are concentrating their funds in Bitcoin, otherwise known as digital gold. Bitcoin has drawn these comparisons for much of its history, though the reasons have evolved with time. At first, investors argued that Bitcoin’s fixed supply mirrored […]