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cryptocurrency March 26, 2018 Bysiak Ethereum News Update The intricate web of U.S. cryptocurrency regulations is choking off innovation, says a new report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO). The GAO report describes a fintech industry whose participants are stumbling around in the dark. No one quite knows which laws apply or when. So it becomes impossible […]

cryptocurrency March 23, 2018 Ethereum News Update Reports surfaced on Friday that JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM) is thinking of spinning off its “Quorum” blockchain division into a separate company. Is this good for cryptocurrencies like Ethereum? Is it bad? Let’s take a closer look… Quorum is JPMorgan’s attempt to build a blockchain. You can think of it […]

cryptocurrency March 22, 2018 Ethereum News Update Ethereum prices are down six percent on Thursday morning as the market slips back into angst and fear about upcoming regulations. These gyrations have become a normal part of the Ethereum to USD exchange rate. They don’t surprise me. One number that did catch my eye, however, is the total cryptocurrency […]

cryptocurrency March 20, 2018 Ethereum News Update If there’s one fear that haunts crypto enthusiasts, it’s that governments will attach burdensome regulations to slow innovation across the industry. So when U.S. regulators—like the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)—started cracking down on the initial coin offering (ICO) market, investors assumed their worst nightmares were coming true. They turned […]

cryptocurrency March 19, 2018 Ethereum News Update Although cryptocurrency prices recovered slightly on Sunday night, the market is still burdened by what appears to be a regulatory crackdown in the United States. So it hardly matters that Ethereum prices are up 4.66%. Hours earlier, the world’s second-biggest crypto hit a three-month low, making the gains seem less like […]

cryptocurrency March 16, 2018 Ethereum News Update A three-year-old blockchain startup from MIT’s Media Lab recently accepted $20.0 million in venture capital, raising investors’ expectations about its upcoming airdrop. The startup is called Eximchain. It is a blockchain company looking to adapt distributed ledger technology to supply chain management, which makes it a sliver less dull than it […]

cryptocurrency March 15, 2018

Ethereum News Update Earlier this week, just days before the U.S. House of Representatives would hold a hearing on cryptocurrencies, one government official turned his attention toward the American government’s favorite punching bag: Venezuela. The U.S. official in question is Florida Senator Bill Nelson. Senator Nelson sent a letter to the Treasury Secretary on Monday […]

cryptocurrency March 14, 2018 Bruxelle Ethereum News Update Ethereum prices are down on Wednesday morning, but then again, so are prices for all the major cryptos. Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar—they all have flashing red numbers beside their names. This is not surprising. Cryptocurrencies are in a bear market right now. I expect the entire market to move […]

cryptocurrency March 13, 2018 Ethereum News Update Ethereum prices are plummeting on Tuesday morning, in part due to an episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and a report from the Bank of International Settlements (BIS). Oliver’s show, for those who may not have seen it, features a comedic deep-dive into hot news topics of the week. […]

cryptocurrency March 12, 2018 Ethereum News Update It’s rare for new blockchain companies to influence my Ethereum price forecast, but there are exceptions to the rule. Multicoin Capital Management, LLC. is a good example. Multicoin is an investment firm that will soon traverse the blockchain space, hunting for the next generation of tokens. What sets it apart from […]