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cryptocurrency March 5, 2018 Ethereum News Update Scaling questions abound for Bitcoin and Ethereum, but at least Ethereum is well on its way to a solution. And no, I don’t mean “Raiden.” As the most famous of Ethereum’s potential saviors, Raiden could still end up declogging the Ethereum network, but it will have to outrace a new entrant […]

cryptocurrency March 2, 2018 Ethereum News Update While blockchain use-cases are filtering into the real economy, cryptocurrency markets have sputtered to a standstill. Prices are just moving sideways. But before we delve into those forces, I want to emphasize that blockchain development is happening at all levels of business, even the upper echelon of the Fortune 500. For […]

cryptocurrency March 1, 2018

Ethereum News Update Earlier in the year, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said that 2018 is when cryptocurrencies would have to live up to the hype from last year. It seems he might be right. What we’re seeing this year is tectonic movement on regulatory issues, industry standards, and technical progress. Some of these changes are […]

cryptocurrency February 28, 2018

Ethereum News Update There’s a lot of Ethereum news this morning, so I cherry-picked the three most interesting stories I could find. One of them, in particular, might affect our Ethereum price forecast. Before I get to those stories, however, you should probably know that ETH prices are down 1.95% against the U.S. dollar. The Ethereum […]

cryptocurrency February 27, 2018 Ethereum News Update Among seasoned Ethereum investors, there’s a belief that Bitcoin will undergo a crisis moment at some point in the future. Here’s what would theoretically happen: Bitcoin starts to lose investor confidence, Ethereum is treated as a safe-haven asset, investment flows from BTC to ETH increase, and then the ETH/BTC ratio rises […]

cryptocurrency February 26, 2018

Ethereum News Update As cryptocurrency markets continue to trade sideways, investors are growing impatient. What happened to three- and four-digit returns? Where are the epic rallies? Sorry to disappoint, but it’s not that simple. No one can pinpoint when cryptos will surge (don’t trust anyone who says they can predict with 100% accuracy). Animal spirits still […]

cryptocurrency February 23, 2018 Ethereum News Update Venezuela’s attempt to create a state-backed cryptocurrency is one of the weirdest experiments in blockchain, but apparently, Turkey finds it alluring. I think it makes Ethereum look more feasible. Of course, it’s not exactly clear what Venezuela accomplished with its national token. Details are few and far between. All we really […]

cryptocurrency February 22, 2018 Ethereum News Update Pessimism returned to the cryptocurrency markets overnight, driving down values across the entire market. Ethereum was no different. ETH prices fell by nearly nine percent, driving the Ethereum to USD exchange rate down to $805.20. Ethereum Price Chart It’s almost impossible to tell what started the sell-off, but that won’t stop […]

cryptocurrency February 21, 2018 Ethereum News Update Over the last year, initial coin offerings (ICOs) have become quite a phenomenon. And ETH prices have largely benefitted from this trend, since most ICOs take place on Ethereum’s platform. However, ICOs are not without their faults. They have drawn a lot of criticism. They may offer startups a new way […]

cryptocurrency February 20, 2018

Ethereum News Update During constructive phases in the cryptocurrency market cycle, investors flock to developmental platforms like Ethereum. The result is a rise in ETH to Bitcoin prices. However, during a market crash, the opposite occurs. ETH to Bitcoin rates fall. Why? The simple answer is that many investors consider Bitcoin the digital equivalent of […]