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cryptocurrency February 12, 2018 van der Chijs Ethereum News Update Something has changed in cryptocurrency markets. In less than a week, investors have gone from agonizing over pending regulations to not caring about big announcements. For example, there was zero reaction to International Monetary Fund (IMF) Chairperson Christine Lagarde saying that regulatory action on cryptocurrencies is “inevitable.” (Source: […]

cryptocurrency February 8, 2018 Ethereum News Update After a devastating January, cryptocurrencies stabilized in early February. The calming event was—to everyone’s surprise—testimony from two U.S. regulators. Jay Clayton of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and J. Christopher Giancarlo of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) provided expert guidance during U.S. Senate hearings on the future of […]

cryptocurrency February 7, 2018

Ethereum News Update Blockchain has “the potential to enhance economic efficiency, mitigate centralized systemic risk, defend against fraudulent activity and improve data quality and governance.” (Source: “There’d Be No DLT Without Bitcoin, Says CFTC Chief,” CoinDesk, February 6, 2018.) This little quote sent Ethereum prices soaring on Monday. Oddly, it came from CFTC Chairman J. […]

cryptocurrency February 6, 2018 Ethereum News Update It is no surprise that Ethereum prices fell 5.5% on Tuesday morning, given that U.S. senators will place cryptocurrencies under the microscope today. More specifically, the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs will hear testimony from two of the most important regulators on the planet: Jay Clayton of […]

cryptocurrency February 3, 2018 Here’s Why Ethereum Is Faring Better Than Other Cryptos Cryptocurrencies are in an unholy mess. It feels like the sky is falling as we watch the crypto markets crash to new lows. But for some reason, there’s a ray of hope shining for one crypto. Of all the top 10 cryptocurrencies, there’s only one […]

cryptocurrency February 2, 2018

Where Ethereum Goes from Here Aside from Bitcoin, no cryptocurrency is more popular and promising than Ether (the native token of the Ethereum platform). ETH prices exploded by 9,383% in 2017, beating every Ethereum price forecast in the world. Yet, now that it’s time to make Ethereum price predictions for 2018, analysts outside crypto-land remain […]

cryptocurrency February 2, 2018

Ethereum News Update Cryptocurrencies turned into a vortex of despair this week, dragging down all-but-one of the top 100 digital assets. Ethereum was not the exception—that was DigixDAO. ETH lost 19.92% of its value, driving the crypto below $1,000 for the first time this month. The Ethereum to USD exchange rate was at $902.97 at […]