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cryptocurrency August 17, 2018

General Idea Layer Protocol wants to create a system that could benefit other projects, dApps and platforms. With the popularization of various services which need to trust the users with their products, Layer Protocol wants to create an ultimate reputation system, so that service providers can see if they can trust their clients or if […]

cryptocurrency August 16, 2018

We hit the streets of Toronto for the Blockchain Futurist Conference to hear about the latest projects building momentum in the Canadian ecosystem… ICO Alert Block Talk is a collection of street interviews where we test the knowledge of the public on subjects like Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICOs. In this episode, we were on […]

cryptocurrency August 15, 2018

Today Venezuela announces Petro cryptocurrency, Ethereum growth not tied to price, and blockchain groups push back against proposal of Korean ministry. Image courtesy of CoinDesk. Venezuela Announces Petro Currency On August 20, a second government currency will be introduced to Venezuela. Reported by ABC Internacional, President Nicolás Maduro made the announce during a television address that […]

cryptocurrency August 14, 2018

Winklevoss Twins push forward despite ETF rejection, Square Cash BTC update, Alts tumble in light of BTC testing the $6,000 mark. Winklevoss Twins push onward after SEC rejection The twins faced a tough reality when the SEC rejected their second proposed ETF in late July. This is not the sort of news that keeps the […]

cryptocurrency August 13, 2018

Turkish Lira Collapse Drives Interest in Crypto, Swiss Bank to Accept Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Dominance Rate at 50% Turkish Lira Collapse Drives Interest in Crypto The Turkish Lira collapse has made Bitcoin volatility seem tame. “The 10-day swings in the lira relative to the U.S. dollar now exceed those for Bitcoin amid Turkey’s escalating currency crisis,” Bloomberg […]

cryptocurrency August 11, 2018

It’s an iconic line from Christopher Nolan‘s penultimate Batman film: “you either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Batman fans watching the movie all knew that these words were prophetic, as Harvey Dent, Gotham’s White Knight and crime-smashing District Attorney, ended the movie — and his life — as the broken, insane […]

cryptocurrency August 10, 2018

On this week’s episode, Mike Finch and I interview Jimmy Zhong of the IOS Foundation, building the Internet of Services (IOST). We discuss the tech behind IOST, how Proof of Believability and Servi — a non-tradable token that IOST nodes accumulate by contributing to the network — makes the network more fair and decentralized, and what initiatives IOST has […]

cryptocurrency August 10, 2018

Taking a closer look As Marcus was joining Coinbase’s board back in December 2017, Coinbase’s CEO Brian Armstrong said Marcus would apply his expertise in the “payments and mobile space” to guide Coinbase in its overall mission. After just five months, Marcus became Facebook’s lead into new blockchain research and strategic partnerships. This shook up the […]

cryptocurrency August 10, 2018

Binance Demos DEX, Everipedia MainNet Launches, & tZero Raise $134 Million + $400 Million Everipedia, EOS-Based Competitor to Wikipedia, Launches MainNet Hoping to fix the issues Wikipedia experiences and become a more diverse, uncensorable online encyclopedia, Everipedia has been one of the most anticipated of the EOS dapps. Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger is on the founding […]

cryptocurrency August 9, 2018

Q&A With Apollo18’s Founder, Kirk Durbin ICO Alert: For those who are not familiar with Apollo18, can you explain what it is, and what the team aims to accomplish? Apollo18 is a cryptocurrency mining operation based in Central Pennsylvania. Token holders are rewarded with Ethereum based on the profits generated by the mining farm. Apollo18’s goal […]