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cryptocurrency May 3, 2018

General Idea Loandex wants to create a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, which would be based on the blockchain technology. Users could benefit from features blockchain provides like anonymity for example. Such exchange could process almost instantly any trades, while the traders could benefit from zero fees, therefore maximizing their potential profits and liquidity in the market. […]

cryptocurrency April 29, 2018

Stellar is a decentralized, open source distributed ledger platform used in transferring values. The stellar community oversees the payment network of the platform whose cryptocurrency is known as Lumen (XLM). Jeb Mc Caleb founded the Stellar payment platform in 2014, essentially a fork from Ripple that was later coded from scratch. Main Features  The Stellar platform […]

cryptocurrency April 29, 2018

General Idea Dona wants to bring the newly developed technological improvements like blockchain solutions into the donation and charity sector. They want to make such organizations much more reliable and transparent, while making the sole process of donating money much easier and accessible for people from all over the world. Dona believes that we can […]

cryptocurrency April 28, 2018

This article is a sponsored Press Release. DateCoin and DeHedge have signed a hedge agreement for a limited volume of DTC tokens DateCoin and the DeHedge hedging platform have signed an agreement to hedge a limited volume (2 M tokens) of DTC tokens. The official signing ceremony was held at the DeHedge headquarters in Moscow. […]

cryptocurrency April 27, 2018

General Idea RoBET wants to create a betting platform. However, the betting and predicting aspect won’t be limited only to sports or events. The player will be able to choose which cryptocurrency to use to place the bet, and in which cryptocurrency he wants to get the reward. That way he can benefit not only […]

cryptocurrency April 26, 2018

General Idea Sharpay came up with a very unique idea of creating a “multi-share” button aimed for projects and sites that reward the users with cryptocurrency for promoting the content. The sole idea is very simple. An user shares the content like he would do with any other regular plugin or add-on for sites. However, […]

cryptocurrency April 26, 2018

NEM is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on the blockchain network. The project was written in Java, a newer version to be coded in another language is being developed. According to the team, they wanted to come up with a blockchain with more features ahead of what have been obtainable in the industry. The open source […]

cryptocurrency April 25, 2018

General Idea Birdchain wants to create a whole ecosystem with internal economics, where users can earn, transfer and spend their tokens. It is a decentralized application that is in a way similar to a instant messaging app. They want to provide services much cheaper than similar mainstream platforms are currently offering, with features like A2P […]

cryptocurrency April 23, 2018

Stock Content Market With the increased demand for various types of digital content like graphics, photos and videos, animations, music and sound effects or even games and applications, a unique stock content market was born. It’s consists of special licensing for content, which can then be used for various specific reasons, from small non-profit projects […]