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cryptocurrency November 16, 2017

Although Ethereum prices fell overnight, investors should not be downcast about today’s Ethereum news—it is actually quite positive. For one thing, the civil war between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is almost over. BCH dropped 14.88% during the last 24 hours, while BTC advanced to $7,477.17. Put another way, the market is returning to sanity. This […]

cryptocurrency November 13, 2017

Background Multisignature wallets are smart-contracts designed to manage crypto assets by the consent of multiple wallet owners. This type of wallets usually allows to set daily withdrawal limits, vote for withdrawals, vote for ownership changes, etc. With the big surge in crypto prices this year, many people are now holding significant amounts of crypto assets. […]

cryptocurrency November 11, 2017

The cryptocurrency world is in a fuss about Bitcoin and rightly so, with the cancellation of the SegWit2x hardfork and the sudden drop in pricing by nearly $1000 per BTC. However, the price drops and news has kept Bitcoin in the limelight while Ethereum has slowly been making improvements and growing its network. The second […]

cryptocurrency November 10, 2017

Ambisafe has called Parity’s wallet’s second funds loss an “exercise in perspective-taking” as it confirms none of its funds disappeared. In a dedicated press release, Ambisafe, which provides token issuance on Ethereum and other services, said it had had “no reports” of missing ETH from its customers. “Ambisafe offers reassurance that multisig accounts using their […]

cryptocurrency November 9, 2017

The price of ether, ethereum’s native token, is gaining altitude today. At press time, the ether-U.S. dollar (ETH/USD) exchange rate is at $322. As per CoinMarketCap, ether has gained 6.8 percent in the last 24 hours. Week-on-week, the cryptocurrency is up 11.92 percent, while on a monthly basis, it is carrying 5.6 percent gain. The […]

cryptocurrency November 9, 2017

It is not a part of the article review series. This article describes the features and the problems, which ICO projected NetworkUnits aims to solve. „Network Units (NU) is a decentralized worldwide collaboration of computing power. By allowing gamers and service providers to participate in an unique mining process, they will create an ultra-fast, blockchain controlled multiplayer infrastructure […]

cryptocurrency November 7, 2017

With the development of the blockchain technology and possibility of creating your own tokens and cryptocurrencies, there are many fields that want to improve their work by connecting to the blockchain. This technology is not only limited to computer programs, apps and platforms. A project we are taking a look at today wants to benefit […]