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Month: January 2018

cryptocurrency January 2, 2018

Decentralized music content distributor and monetization platform, VOISE, is enhancing its reputation on the market and improving the profitability of its token by locking up 600,000 tokens and removing them from circulation. The platform will use smart contracts to collate these token and lock them up for thirty days in order to boost revenue generation […]

cryptocurrency January 2, 2018

Ripple, or XRP, is both a protocol and a cryptocurrency. As a protocol, it is designed to facilitate inter-bank foreign exchange transactions. Ripple is designed to allow banks to send money to each other without a central counterparty and it’s based on the open source Interledger protocol. Ripple is also designed to allow integration with […]

cryptocurrency January 1, 2018

This article is an entry in CoinDesk’s Most Influential in Blockchain 2017 series. Blockchain may be an early-stage technology, but it’s big business already. In this video interview, ConsenSys CEO, and one of CoinDesk’s Most Influential people, Joe Lubin discusses his company’s explosive growth, the value of cryptocurrencies and the social impact of his startup’s work. How […]