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Month: February 2018

cryptocurrency February 21, 2018

February 21, 2018 12:08 AM Three laws aimed at regulating and promoting innovation within the blockchain space are expected to be submitted to the Maltese Parliament in early March. On February 16, a three-week-long period of public consultation began for three blockchain-related bills in Malta. At the end of the period, the legislation is expected […]

cryptocurrency February 20, 2018

The government of Venezuela published several guides Tuesday in support of the presale for its “petro” cryptocurrency. Announcing the oil-backed token as a form of legal tender that can be used to pay taxes, fees and other public needs, the Venezuelan government outlined its plans and expectations for the petro in a new website built […]

cryptocurrency February 20, 2018

A red-hot ethereum game is off the market, collapsing Tuesday in a complex tale involving crypto-economics, community backlash, and finally, a sudden takeover. Launched just earlier this month, Crypto All Stars was an instant hit, with over $2 million in ether passing between users, according to data from Like CryptoKitties before it, Crypto All […]

cryptocurrency February 20, 2018

Commission-related income of South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges 87.5 times higher in 2017 than 2016, bipartisan momentum growing to implement stricter regulation of cryptocurrencies, top 5 price changes, and more! The total commission-related income of South Korea’s 30 cryptocurrency exchanges in 2017 was approximately USD 658 million — 87.5 times more than that of 2016. Image from Wit Olszewski. […]

cryptocurrency February 20, 2018

Ethereum News Update During constructive phases in the cryptocurrency market cycle, investors flock to developmental platforms like Ethereum. The result is a rise in ETH to Bitcoin prices. However, during a market crash, the opposite occurs. ETH to Bitcoin rates fall. Why? The simple answer is that many investors consider Bitcoin the digital equivalent of […]

cryptocurrency February 20, 2018

General Idea Virtonomics wants to bring answer to millions of monthly queries on popular search engines related to phrases like “online job” or “online earning”. They want to provide these jobs in interesting and creative way through an online game, which will be a MMO Business Simulator. Online Business Simulation The whole idea of the […]

cryptocurrency February 19, 2018

Unknown investor(s) purchase $344 million-worth of Bitcoin, Florida yacht dealer accepts cryptocurrency payments, top 5 gainers and losers over the past 24 hours, and more! Denison Yachting in Florida, U.S. announced that it will accept cryptocurrency as payment for new, high-end yachts. Image from niki_spasnov. Florida-Based Yacht Dealer Begins Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments At the Miami International […]

cryptocurrency February 18, 2018

On Feb. 16, six large-scale Blockchain projects OmiseGo, Cosmos, Golem, Maker and Raiden, that have completed successful multi-million dollar initial coin offerings (ICOs) last year, along with Japanese venture capital firm Global Brain have created the Ethereum Community Fund (ECF), to fund projects and businesses within the Ethereum ecosystem. The ECF will begin with $100 […]