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Month: October 2018

cryptocurrency October 29, 2018

General Idea TrustED was established a year ago when the main idea come from the founder who struggled with finding paper copies of his academic credentials that he had received several years ago. The rapidly developing blockchain technology turned out to be ideal for digitalizing the documentation and create a platform for an easy and […]

cryptocurrency October 28, 2018

Sapling is here. UPDATED | October 29, 2018: According to Zcash, the Sapling fork, originally expected today, was completed on October 28, 2018, at block 419,200. ORIGINAL | October 28, 2018: The Zcash blockchain is set to hard fork on October 29, 2018, upgrading the network to make shielded transactions less computationally heavy, thereby making […]

cryptocurrency October 27, 2018

Accessing and building on Ethereum is hard, and Infura makes it easier. But at what cost? And what can be done about it? Blockchain Onboarding Is the Worst While some in the cryptosphere appear befuddled that cryptocurrency has not yet reached mass adoption, the explanation seems rather obvious to me. Frankly, using blockchain and crypto […]

cryptocurrency October 26, 2018

Australia Post simplifies exchange selfies, Mastercard seeks to reshape crypto transactions, the Royal Mint is getting out of the stablecoin game, and bitcoin is property – per a Chinese court. Here is what’s happening for Friday, October 26, 2018: New Patent Claims Crypto Benefits from Fractional Reserve Banking Per a patent application filed Thursday, financial […]

cryptocurrency October 26, 2018

The “wrapped bitcoin” token was developed by BitGo, Kyber, and Republic Protocol. A consortium of cryptocurrency companies are bringing a bitcoin-backed ERC 20 token to the Ethereum platform in an effort to “bridge Bitcoin liquidity and the decentralized ecosystem on Ethereum, enhancing all decentralized applications,” according to an October 25 press release. The development of […]

cryptocurrency October 26, 2018

ADM, Bunge, Cargill, and LDC haven’t identified a platform yet, but one of them has experience using blockchain technology for agricultural trading. Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), Bunge Ltd, Cargill Incorporation, and Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC), known as the ABCDs of global grain trading, are investigating blockchain to improve efficiency and transparency for customers. The […]

cryptocurrency October 26, 2018

The Reserve Bank of India agrees that cryptocurrency regulations should be left to government policymakers. The Supreme Court of India has asked the country’s government to provide an official opinion regarding cryptocurrency within two weeks, according to an October 26 article published in the Indian newspaper The Economic Times. According to the article, the court […]

cryptocurrency October 25, 2018

Sony ups the cold storage game, Binance publicizes charitable contributions, and more legal drama in Plattsburgh and India. Here is some of what’s happening for Thursday, October 25, 2018: Sony Developing Contact-less Hardware Wallet Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc, has announced the creation of a contact-less hardware wallet, per a press release published Tuesday. The […]