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cryptocurrency December 13, 2017

Google has often been a forerunner of new technology, and in the case of blockchain-backed currencies, it pounced again! Great googly moogly! Android users now have a fun new cryptocurrency pricing tool at their fingertips.

The search engine giant’s latest blockchain-related surprise is better described as an Easter egg hiding in Google’s voice activated assistant. Asking a smartphone enabled with Google Voice to speak to “Mr. Satoshi” will prompt the assistant to deepen its voice and ask the user which cryptocurrency price information they seek.

Try it! Ask any Google assistant, “May I speak with Mr. Satoshi?”

It will respond, “Alright. Getting Mr. Satoshi.”

After a brief pause, a noticeably lower voice issues from the device, introducing itself: “Hi, I’m Mr. Satoshi. Which Digital Currency are you trying to check?”

At this point any cryptocurrency that is out there can be mentioned by name, and the tool will retrieve price information on it, although it is unclear where that information comes from. After the price data is provided, a message is sent to the user indicating that Mr. Satoshi has left the conversation.

Innovations such as the Mr. Satoshi pricing Easter egg may be hints at bigger moves yet to come from Google in the blockchain ecosystem.


Source: ETHNews