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cryptocurrency July 19, 2018

The nonprofit organization is branching out to provide its services to the Japanese blockchain industry.

This article has been updated to include exclusive quotes given to ETHNews by Ron Resnick.

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) announced on July 19 that it would be opening its first regional office in Japan. The consortium has appointed Kazuaki Ishiguro as the EEA’s regional head. Executive Director Ron Resnick told ETHNews about the move and the importance of finding the right person to run the new office:

“We are complete proponents of standardized solutions and a standardized specification … so it is really important for us to establish ourselves in Japan – and we will be in other [regions] – where we can find a regional head who will champion the notion of a standard that is open that everybody can build towards.”

The EEA is a nonprofit organization with the stated goal of connecting “fortune 500 enterprises, startups, academics, and technology vendors with Ethereum subject matter experts.”

Resnick went on to say, “We intend to have regional presence around the world just to make it easier for everyone to recognize that if you have one common specification then no matter where you go, you will be able to communicate.” These regional offices are meant to advance the Ethereum community by encouraging EEA standards, connecting support groups, and providing members with access to EEA resources.

Resnick said of the EEA’s expansive efforts:

“This is the first of our [expansions] and there will be more coming … We are championing a higher cause … We are using best practices to try to take the decentralized paradigm and make it work with a standard – which isn’t an oxymoron at all – the standard allows for a better capability of having decentralized or multiple businesses where its not controlled by one or two major entities and the best way that has been historically proven do it is through standards and then the certification program, and that’s our mission.”

Ishiguro will be the EEA’s main contact and “evangelist for the region.” He will take on the responsibility of ensuring that the EEA Enterprise Ethereum Client Specification and various member materials are translated into Japanese, and will participate in workshops and training sessions. He will also engage in hackathons, like the one being held in Tokyo July 20-22, which will see teams compete to develop the best Ethereum-based blockchain tourism services prototype. 

“One of the key areas we will be focusing on is education and presenting in Japanese that will help them really get it … because most folks do not have all the information and understanding of what a blockchain really does,” said Resnick.

“This is an exciting time in the industry,” said Ishiguro. “I look forward to working with the EEA members and the companies looking to learn more about Enterprise Ethereum blockchain. With EEA’s expanded presence in Asia, published specification and nearly 20 Special Interest Groups, the EEA is well-positioned to help global firms innovate their approach to achieving business results with Enterprise Ethereum.”

Nathan Graham is a full-time staff writer for ETHNews. He lives in Sparks, Nevada, with his wife, Beth, and dog, Kyia. Nathan has a passion for new technology, grant writing, and short stories. He spends his time rafting the American River, playing video games, and writing.

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Source: ETHNews