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cryptocurrency July 27, 2018

Google Pulls MetaMask But Not Phishing Apps, Iran Plans State Cryptocurrency, Top Market Moves

Google Pulled MetaMask from Chrome Store, but Left a Phishing Scam Up

Coindesk reports, and ICO Alert confirms, that the giant Google removed the popular Ethereum browser utility MetaMask from its Google Chrome App Store. Google claimed this was a mistake. Meanwhile, phishing applications like “MetaMask by” reportedly remained up. Large corporations continue to refuse to take action against obvious scams, instead either taking no action at all or targeting legitimate cryptocurrency products.

In Bid to Dodge U.S. Sanctions, Iran Plans to Create Own Cryptocurrency cites an official from the Directorate for Scientific and Technological Affairs of the Presidential Office in Iran. The country plans to tokenize Iran’s fiat currency, enabling cross-border payments to skirt around U.S. sanctions entering force next month. Venezuela’s petro was also, in part, an attempt to bypass sanctions.

Vietnam Continues to Crack Down on Crypto

More Vietnamese action against everything crypto this week, as according to Viet Nam News the country’s SSC (State Securities Commission) and other bodies continue to enforce the “prime ministerial directive” against Bitcoin and cryptocurrency activity by requiring companies and funds to avoid all crypto-related issuance, transaction, and brokerage activity.

Source: ICO Alert