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cryptocurrency June 12, 2018

Tykn, Climate Future, ImpactPPA, and Grapevine presented their pitches. Which one will be the winner?

The pitches below are taken directly from these ICO companies’ own pitch slides and website pitches, with modifications for this article format. Links are provided to the website of each company.

World Blockchain Forum’s Humanitarian & Environmental ICO Pitch Panel just happened in New York City. Which of these ICOs do you think will win?

1. Tykn

Industry: IDENTITY

Identity is central, but still centralized and controlled by various institutions. Its paper base also makes it inherently fallible.

Tykn leverages distributed ledger technology to build electronic identity, authentication and trust services tools for governments and NGOs, all the while ensuring full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations.

Tykn’s Jimmy Snoek

Tykn is currently involved in Project ZINC (Project Zero INvisible Children) to “turn invisible children into invincible ones” through compliant, secure identity attestation.

Read more at Tykn’s blog.

2. Climate Futures

Industry: CLIMATE

Climate Futures empowers people to take action against Climate Change and offset their climate impacts without have to wait for governments.

Climate Futures provides a new platform, 1PLANET, for Crypto-Carbon Finance, empowering socially positive Renewable Energy and Forest Conservation projects.

Climate Futures’ Jesse Uzzell

Decentralized monetization of Eco-Assets is set to disrupt traditional brokerage and exchange models.

Climate Futures plans to engage project developers and retail partners to develop programs and solutions that the 1PLANET Community believes worthwhile.

Read more on Climate Future’s website.

3. ImpactPPA

Industry: ENERGY

Electrifying billions of people who are unbanked and unconnected is a major global challenge. ImpactPPA wants to use blockchain to enable energy management, all the way from power generation to payment.

Staking the base token (MPQ) allows stakers to received a proportional share of global revenue.

Impact PPA’s Dan Bates

ImpactPPA is currently in presale, offering convertible instruments with an “aggressive bonus structure for early investors.”

Read more at ImpactPPA’s website.

4. Grapevine World


Broken data flow means broken healthcare. This results in poor experience and quality of care, slow medical research, and exploding healthcare costs.

Grapevine’s Martin Tiani

Grapevine solves this with market-proven standards for data exchange (IHE) and blockchain technology.

Grapevine’s Unified Health Record, personalized medical analysis, and big health data will elevate healthcare. Grapevine’s token, GVINE, will be sold in their ICO.

Read more at Grapevine’s Medium.

Source: ICO Alert